Outdoor surfaces like your garage or pool are more prone to abuse from Mother Nature and day-to-day use than you might imagine. Because a pool or a garage is made of porous materials, any invasion of water can cause flooring to weaken. Even if your foundation is brand new and strong, other materials you might use to seal it can and will fade with exposure to light and UV rays.

And it isn’t just about looks – epoxy flooring is more durable and non-slip than traditional materials. This keeps your friends and family safe when water or any physical activities are involved.

Epoxy flooring is not just a solution to deterioration; it offers its own unique glamour you won’t find from any other material. It can be colored, designed, and installed to any taste and style. The possibilities of epoxy aren’t limited to the material. Epoxy can be styled, colored, and shaped into just about anything.

Want to add a degree of safety to a high traffic zone where slipping is an issues, like a pool or basement? Epoxy flooring offers a grip that makes it safer than a concrete or tiled surface. Its durability, along with its resistance to everyday wear and tear makes it a favorite among active families. Whether you’re lounging near the pool or entertaining in the basement, you can count on an epoxy surface to keep your friends, family, and children safe from injury.

Our epoxy specialists are accustomed to any sort of foundation – be it a basement, garage, or pool. Not only can they advise you in the proper installation, they can help you make your space your own. It might seem like you can count on anyone to install epoxy – don’t. There is without question an art and skill behind integrating it with your existing environment. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, epoxy requires a special touch you can’t rely on just anyone to handle. The possibilities are up to you when you incorporate epoxy flooring into your property.

When you hear people rave about epoxy, it’s because of the unlimited potential this material provides. It’s literally all up to you how you design your epoxy floor. And at the end of the day, you can rest easy knowing that the usual environmental wear that comes from rain and winter have little effect on the integrity of your pool, garage, basement – just about any area that you want to look its best while weathering the harshest of weather.

Interested in adding an epoxy finish to your yard, your pool, garage, basement or home? Call our epoxy specialists today.