Tree and Plant Installation

Bring your yard to life with our tree and plant installation services. Nothing makes a home pop out like custom trees, plants, and shrubs around your property. With thousands of varieties of plants and trees available, it can be a daunting task to select the perfect ones for your yard. Our experts can help you through the entire process, from matching sustainable plants to your yard, to finding the perfect place to plant them. Need trimming and maintenance? Look no further. Our commitment to customizing your landscaping experience is what makes us the top landscaping company in central Pennsylvania.

Lawn Services

While it may seem like you can find grass just about everywhere, the many varieties and species that make up what we know as “grass” can be challenging to grow and maintain year after year. That’s why we offer the most reliable and attentive lawn services in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. From installation to maintenance, our lawn care professionals will make sure your lawn is looking its best day after day, through every season. Own a larger property? We’re here for you. We can maintain and install lawns of any size for any property or business. We can not only install the perfect plants, lawn, and trees for your property, but make sure they look their best year round.

Astroturf Installation

Installing an artificial grass system to your landscape has never been easier thanks to our AstroTurf installation professionals. We handle every step of bringing AstroTurf to your home and business: installation, maintenance, drainage, and upkeep. You’ll be delighted at how nice it is to have a well-kept and great looking AstroTurf system on your property. Whether it’s for sports or leisure, you’ll be happy you embraced the environmentally friendly and easy to maintain AstroTurf system. You and your friends will be hard pressed to notice the difference between our expertly installed AstroTurf and a traditional lawn!

Sod Installation

Sod installation is the simplest way to add grass or create an entire lawn on any property. Without the proper selection and preparation of the right sod, your entire landscaping project can be in jeopardy. Fortunately, you can count on Mountaintop to bring you the right sod for the right plans and lawns – right when you need it. Sod easily replaces a barren patch of dirt and creates a fertile environment for growing. When sod is installed, it is much easier to maintain than seeded grass. There is no need to cover in mulch or water as often as regular seeded grass.