Property Maintenance

Lawn Mowing

Keeping a well-manicured lawn isn’t just a science – it’s art. Let our landscaping professionals handle all your lawn mowing needs. Commercial, public, and private properties all look their best after our lawn mowing professionals mow your lawn the right way and clean up all the clippings. Each of our lawn mowing professionals has years of experience maintaining lawns all around central Pennsylvania. Don’t take the risk and destroy your lawn – call us today, and let our professionals get to work

Spring & Fall Cleanup

The changing of the seasons can be beautiful – but is also means a specific kind of cleanup to keep your property looking its best. Our spring & fall cleanup programs remove all debris from trees and prepare your landscape for the seasons ahead.


Stop weeds dead in their tracks with a generous helping of mulch. If weeds or other invasive species are overrunning your flower beds and shrubs, contact us for mulching services. Whether it’s weeds, or a total lawn care solution, our mulching services will be tailored to your specific property to guarantee results.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Every species of tree and shrub requires its own specific treatment, and when it comes to pruning, there’s no exception. Our pruning experts know exactly where, when, and how to trim your trees and shrubs to prevent decay and encourage growth. Our specialists will come in and discreetly remove unwanted branches and dispose of the debris in a timely manner. Don’t let your local municipality clutter your lawn and street with cut and strewn branches a season longer – call us for all of your tree and shrub pruning needs.

Fertilization & Weed Control

One of the most difficult things to control is an outgrowth of weeds from a fresh patch of fertilized grass or plants. Our weed control and fertilization experts are unrivaled in their property maintenance skills in central Pennsylvania because they know exactly how to eradicate indigenous weeds and how to support native and exotic plants in the state’s unique environment.

Snow Removal

Don’t let your home or property get snowed in – call us to take care of all of your snow removal needs. We go above and beyond your average snow removal services by tailoring our processes to your properties. That means making sure your lawn and garden’s future isn’t compromised by the buildup of snow and debris. This debris can prevent plant life from growing or destroy customized landscaping. Don’t take the chance – call us for your snow removal needs as soon as you see the first flake.